Favourite Activities for Erasmus Students Elche, Spain.

Elche is the perfect haven for sports lovers.

Student Casa is so lucky to have some of the most modern and state of the art sports facilities and favourite activities in Europe right here and within walking distance of the Student Casa Apartments.

Every sport is available to you from scuba diving, windsurfing, horse riding, football, tennis, rugby, cycling and swimming. 

The Ciudad Deportiva is Elche’s biggest sporting complex with football pitches, indoor football pitches, a running track, basketball courts, skateboarding area and an artificial rock face.

During your Erasmus you are very welcome to join any of the sports teams in Elche, and if you need any help then contact the House Manager at Student Casa and we will make all the arrangements and introductions for you.

Misterio de Elche

In August I recommend to all our Erasmus students staying at Student Casa to see the Misterio de Elche (Mystery Play of Elche), it is held on the 14th and 15th every year. 

Elche is very proud to be the only city in the world to perform this special theatrical and musical performance . It is performed at The Basilica of Santa Maria  and dates back to the 15th century. 

The Misterio de Elche (Mystery Play of Elche) illustrates the ascension of the Virgin Mary to heaven. Mary is very carefully lifted through a hole in the ceiling by a piece of 15th-century machinery called the Deus ex machina. 

The actual crowning of Mary is accompanied by music and song in a mix of ancient Valencian and Latin. The Misterio de Elche (Mystery Play of Elche) tradition is very popular with our Erasmus students at Student Casa, the local people of Elche and overseas visitors who travel to Elche to witness this spectacular and very emotional event.

Museo Arqueológico y de Historia de Elche

Within walking distance of your Student Casa Apartment you can discover the history of Elche at the Palace of Altamira Exhibition. 

The restored 12th-century Palace has an interesting history, it was originally built as an aristocratic family home, then later adapted to become a prison during the Spanish Civil War. 

Look for the collection of antiques and artefacts spanning the length of the city’s history.

Do not miss Elche’s most iconic sight, the La Dama de Elche (The Lady of Elche) statue that dates  back to the 4th century BC and was discovered here in 1897, her history is unknown, though it is believed the figure is part of a funeral urn or larger monument. 

The original La Dama de Elche (The Lady of Elche) statue is kept in a museum in Madrid, and until we wait for her return we have an exact replica on show in the museum’s Keep tower.

Walk through the most famous Palm Groves in the world.

Elche is world famous for being home to some 200,000 palm trees of many different types, in various parks in and around the city. 

Within walking distance of your Student Casa Apartment you can follow the 2.5 kilometre-long Ruta del Palmeral (Palm Grove Route).

The  Ruta del Palmeral (Palm Grove Route)  starts and ends at the Huerto de San Plácido park, near the Museo del Palmeral (Palm Grove Museum) . 

It is a wonderful experience to see the famous Palm Trees and the trail is clearly marked and easy to follow, and passes through the most important areas.

Parque Municipal.

The Town Park encircles the majority of the Palm Tree Forest and the Palm Planting workshop. 

Here, all the Palm Sunday Procession Palms are crafted at the Old Mill and Granary Building using the original traditional methods that date back to the Arab origins. 

The Parque Municipal has a Windmill,  Museum and the Rotonda Open Air Theatre.

Huerto del Cura

Huerto del Cura  (The Priest’s Orchard ) is part of the Ruta del Palmeral  (Palm Grove Route) and is a favourite of the visiting students at Student Casa.

Huerto del Cura  (The Priest’s Orchard )  has been declared a National Historic Garden in recognition of its outstanding beauty and importance to the History of Elche. 

With a combination of Arab, Mediterranean and our local influences the substantial garden features Palm Tree specimens from all over the world presented in a spectacular arrangement. 

A breathtaking 168-year-old Imperial Palm Tree is a very impressive attraction and a must see feature in the beautiful City of Elche for overseas students and visitors.

Rio Safari Park Elche.

The Rio Safari Park in Elche is a perfect environment for a day out and a favourite with the local people, tourists and our Erasmus Students.

The Rio Safari Park is a short distance from the Student Casa Apartments with a local bus going to and from the park at regular intervals. 

The Rio Safari Park has hundreds of amazing animals from around the world and wonderful attractions.

A sea lion show, camel rides or feeding the hippos and giraffe with cows, pigs, goats, horses and sheep.

Explore the wonders of nature on foot or train which safely passes through the enclosures.

The Rio Safari Park has picnic areas, restaurants and in the summer an amazing Aquatic Park with a huge swimming pool and fantastic shoot. 

Time to Hit the Beach.

Just 20 minutes from your Student Casa Apartment is an award winning beach.

The Costa Blanca has the best white sandy beaches in Spain perfect for swimming, water sports and sun bathing.

This is a very popular attraction for the Erasmus students at Student Casa.

Ask your House Manager about the bus service that is a few minutes walk from your apartment that operates regularly to and from the beach.

I can promise you a fantastic day at the beach.

Try some Muscatel and Local Wines.

Muscatel is a sweet local wine and  is definitely something you must try during your Erasmus in Elche. 

Enjoy a glass after dinner at any of the City Restaurants.

You can also try some of the world famous local wines in the City of Elche by joining a wine-tasting tour. 

I can recommend to our overseas Erasmus students a very interesting place to visit is the family-run Bodegas Faelo.

At the Bodegas Faelo you will try the local wines and also learn about the fascinating method of lunar cultivation.

Shoe shopping in the City of Elche.

Elche is home of Shoe Making.

Elche is also the best place to buy high quality shoes from big brands at bargain prices 

You will discover the biggest Shoe Outlet Village in Europe that is just a short distance from the Student Casa Apartments.. 

Another great place to visit close by the Student Casa Apartments is the Salvador Artesano Factory, where Erasmus Students can take a tour around the manufacturing factory and learn how shoes are made whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of our  local Muscatel Wine. 

For our Student Casa Erasmus residents who are very serious shoe lovers Student Casa can arrange a visit to the Pikolinos Shoemaking Museum to learn the fascinating story of Spanish footwear from our world famous espadrilles to 21st-century shoe fashion.