5 Tips to Help you get Along With Your Flatmates in your Student Casa Accommodation in Erasmus

1. Keep Communal Areas Clean and Tidy in your Student Casa Accommodation.

However long your tenancy is you will be sharing communal areas with other students.

Student Casa Accommodation Apartments has a weekly deep clean in all communal areas, but day to day it is very important to show respect to one another and maintain all communal areas in a clean and orderly manner.

At the start of a tenancy it is a good idea to have a meeting to define some guidelines and rules concerning hygiene and the maintenance of communal areas.

The most annoying thing in a communal area is if one of the housemates leaves dirty plates and cutlery in the sink or on a dining table or worktop.

This is totally unacceptable, it is also extremely unhygienic and dirty.

2. Have regular meetings to talk through any issues causing upset or bad feeling in the Student Casa Apartment.

There are any number of reasons that can cause bad feelings between flatmates and regular meetings to discuss these issues is essential to the goodwill of your small community.

As an example it could be one of your flatmates having a party the night before an important exam you have the following morning.

Arrange a meeting to agree a resolution to ban all guests on the eve of important exams.

To maintain a harmonious relationship in the house I recommend you have regular meetings, so when you have any issues you can ask them sensibly, if this fails then contact the Student Casa House Manager who will very quickly resolve the matter. 

3. Your Erasmus is about having fun with your fellow housemates.

Housemates often become lifelong friends. 

It is important to bond with your housemates and the best way to do this is to get to know them and show a genuine interest in them.

Ask one another about their family, hobbies and interests and before long you will find you have so many things in common.

Elche has an inspiring historic culture, a wide range of sports activities and  restaurants and bars to socialise in, so arrange something everyone can participate in and have fun. 

There are always a full and diverse range of activities and opportunities available. Speak with your Student Casa House Manage for advice and make the most of your leisure time in Elche.

4. Occasionally you must give your housemates some space.

Respect the privacy of your housemates and never treat the communal area as your own private space.

When you need a quiet space to study, use your own room, at Student Casa every room has a desk and office chair and the room is designed for comfortable private study.

Try to understand the needs of your housemates especially when important assignments are due.

It is important to respect the difference between party time and study time, so agree on the right balance and have designated quiet times.

5. Be considerate, understanding and forgiving.

No one is perfect and living together can be difficult at times.

Maintain the rule to discuss any issues that may arise and this will ensure living together will be happy and enjoyable and an experience you will always remember fondly.

Your new housemates are your new family. Being away from home especially if it is the first time can be disconcerting and unnerving at first.
Your housemates may be from different countries and cultures, but be positive and react to this chapter of your life as a wonderful opportunity to meet a diverse network of people to share and enrich your Student Casa and University experience.