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University Life in Elche with Student Casa.

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There are many good reasons for going to University.

Education is the most important, because it is your route to a better life in the future. For most students University is their first time away from home, and a time of added responsibility and self-discovery.

Students are choosing accommodation from, because Student Casa offer an all inclusive priced tenancy for modern bespoke rooms designed especially for students, located in the heart of the City of Elche walking distance from the Universities and all the entertainment and facilities of the city.

Here’s ten things you simply must do as a student before you graduate:

1. Join a club

Join a club in Elche University life

University societies are a great way to continue doing an activity you love, or take up a new hobby that you would never had a chance to do before. In Elche with its mild climate you can enjoy sport all the year round. Fantastic Sports centres offer Football, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming and so many more, or join in with the locals at the informal football or basketball matches you will see every night in sunny Elche City Centre parks , all walking distance from your Student Casa accommodation..

2. Fancy Dress

Take part in fancy dress while at university in Elche Spain

Pirates, Vicars and Smurfs, whatever the theme, fancy dress must be embraced! No student party is complete without a hoard of Dalmatians queueing for the loo, and the photos of your DIY outfits make great stories to tell your mates from home.

3. Binge

Watching films or TV series

We’re talking about TV of course! Spend an entire day (or three) watching a series from start to finish in the comfort of your apartment, and WI-FI is all inclusive so no problems with facing an unexpected big bill at the end of the month – just perhaps not during exam season!

4. Shop

Go shopping in Elche

Make the most of your city centre location with A fantastic array of shops are all walking distance from your Student Casa apartment. Check out the traditional Spanish shops and the new Shopping Mall’s, and shop ‘til you drop! Maybe not all the time… but we promise you’ll miss those discounts once you graduate. We recommend you speak with your House Manager from Student Casa for the best discounts around.

5. Make Life Long Friends.

making friends at Student Casa in Elche

You have moved out of your home and moved in with people who have become like your second family and possibly life long friends. At Student Casa your House Manager will set up a forum with your house friends, so even before you move in you are getting to know your housemates and forming friendships.

6. Travel around

Travelling while at Student Casa Elche

At Elche you have a local airport offering International and low cost European flights, plus a train station with the new High Speed trains linking you to the major cities in Spain and beyond.

Whether you want to fly, take a train or drive speak with your House Manager at for the best prices and advice. Make the most of all the extra-long holidays that come with university life and get exploring.

7. Party all night

Nightlife in Elche - Student Casa

Enjoy the night life in Elche City, we do not have harsh cold winters, so the entertainment is very much 24/7 in sunny warm Elche, There will be plenty of time to sleep in the long holiday breaks. Life in Elche is for staying up way past a reasonable hour and enjoying your time in Spain.

8. Get part-time work

Part time work while studying in Elche

Earn some extra money with a part time job or do some volunteering – apart from being valuable life experience it will also look great on your CV! There are many opportunities for work in Elche, and many of the students residing in a Student Casa apartment do take a job. Speak with your House Manager from Student Casa, for advise and contacts.

9. Invite family and friends to Elche.

Inviting family and friends to Elche

There are some great budget hotels, and low cost airlines flying into nearby Alicante. So the cost of inviting family and friends will not be a problem. Share your University life experiences first hand when they visit the beautiful city of Elche.

10. Enjoy every minute

Make the most of your university years – work, laugh and make lasting friendships. By the time you get to graduation you’ll have nothing but great memories to look back on.

Avocado con Toast

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Quick and easy brain FOOD!!!

2 pieces of whole grain or sprouted bread
1/2 or 1 ripe avocado (you should easily be able to leave a dent in it when pressing on the skin with your finger)
Black pepper (freshly ground if available)
Garlic powder


1. Toast two pieces of bread.
2. Cut open ripe avocado lengthwise —  you can use half or the whole thing. If using half, save the side with the pit, wrap in foil or plastic wrap and place in fridge.
3. scoop out avocado flesh and spread it on top.  I like to mash the avocado while it is still in its skin.
4. Add a sprinkle of salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. The better quality spices, the better it will taste.

A taste of Italy, Chorizo And Pasta

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Fast and cheap all your friends and fellow housemates will love your Italian cooking.


Chorizo (30g per person)
Onion (half onion per person)
Garlic (half clove per person)
Pasta (60g dried per person)
Balsamic vinegar
Basil (dried or fresh)
Chilli flakes (to taste)
Chipotle paste (optional)
Chopped tomatoes (half tin per person)
Olive oil


1. Cover pasta with boiling water (add a pinch of salt and a drop of oil to stop it sticking).

2. Heat up a tbsp of oil in a wok/large frying pan on a high heat.

3. Roughly dice chorizo and add to pan.

4. Finely dice an onion and combine with chorizo in the pan.

5. Once the onions are starting to colour, add in the finely diced (or crushed) garlic (don’t add before this because garlic burns very easily!)

6. Add a splash of balsamic, cook for 30s to remove the acidity, then add a tsp of chipotle paste, cook for a further 30s.

7. Add the chopped tomatoes, basil and a few chilli flakes.

8. Stir all the ingredients in, taste and add balsamic/basil/salt/pepper etc to taste.

9. Turn wok down to a low heat until pasta is cooked.

10. Drain pasta when cooked, add to bowl to mix through the sauce.

11. Serve up and munch away.

Welcome to Student Casa

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Welcome to Student Casa

Welcome to a new style of student living. Student accommodation designed especially for you.

We are the number one choice for student accommodation in Elche, because we genuinely care about how you want to live. Living in a Student Casa Apartment is not just about the building. It is living in a safe and secure home, so you are comfortable to study and socialise, with complete peace of mind. Plus, with our single fee Fully Inclusive Service Package, you will not have any financial worries.

I know your stay with us will be fantastic and you will have the best time of your life staying in the beautiful city of Elche making new friends and studying new subjects.

If you have any more questions about our accommodation or studying in Elche please contact me via email: or on social media.

Student Casa