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Student Casa

Frequently Asked Questions


Booking and payment

How far in advance do I need to book?

As early as possible to guarantee your tenancy.

What bills do I need to pay?

Your tenancy rent is fully inclusive the one-time payment includes all amenities, utilities and WIFI.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

Your reservation is binding. We recommend before signing the tenancy you are 100% certain you will be completing your stay.

Do I pay a booking fee/reservation fee?

No, we request full payment when you reserve your tenancy.

Can I change my room?

Yes subject to availability.

Is there a credit/debit card fee?


What happens if I change my mind and don't show up?

You forfeit your fee.

Can I cancel my contract once I've paid my deposit and signed the
License Agreement?

Payments are strictly nonrefundable.

How long is the contract?

For the period of the tenancy.

Are electronic signatures valid?

Yes with proof.

How do I book?

Contact us by email in the first instance.

What happens after I book my room?

You will be given a tenancy agreement and your room will be reserved for the duration as agreed.

How much is my rent?

This will vary on the room your choose.

What is included in my rent?

All Utilities, Amenities, WH FI and Laundry Room.Your one-time rent covers these bills.

Can I leave early and get the remainder of my rent back?

No, your room is allocated for the time stated in your contract.

Can I move in earlier of later than my Licence Agreement date if need be?

No, the moving in day is as per the tenancy agreement.

If for whatever reason I decide to leave university, how much notice do
I need to give?

7 days.

What's the best way for me to pay my rent?

One payment for the term of the tenancy when you reserve your room. This can be payed with credit or debit card or via bank transfer.

Can I re-let my room to my friend if I leave early?


When do I receive my signed copy of the License Agreement?

We will provide you with a copy immediately you sign.

Do I have to pay for electricity, gas or water?

No. These are included.

When's the latest I can book

You can book whenever you want, we work on a first come first served basis.

International students

How do I open a bank account?

We can assist you with a local bank application, but normally your home bank will have arrangements with all local banks.

If I want to get a part-time job, where should I look for opportunities?

We can assist you just contact your house manager.

How do I register with a doctor?

We can assist you just contact your house manager.

Room facilities

Is bedding included with the room?


Are there fridges in the room?


Can I bring my own fridge?

No. There is a large fridge in the kitchen.

Do I need to bring any furniture?

No all the apartments are fully furnished.

What gaming provision is there in my room

Unlimited WIFI in all rooms.

Are there kitchen facilities in my room?


Can I use the kitchen 24 hours a day?

Yes the kitchen and lounge area is yours to use anytime of the day or night.

Do I need to bring my own saucepans, wok, etc?


Resident facilities

Can I bring my car?


Do you have a gym?

No. But there are many facilities in walking distance from the apartments.

Where is the nearest health centre?

Contact your house manager for directions.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with internet?

Contact your house manager and they will get it fixed for you.

Where do I wash my clothes?

Home laundry room.

Is the laundry available 24 hours a day?


Can friends and family bring cars when they come to visit?


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