Miguel Hernández University of Elche Spain

University Life in Elche with Student Casa.

enero 20, 2017
There are many good reasons for going to University. Education is the most important, because it is your route to a better life in the future. For most students University is their first time away from home, and a time of added responsibility and self-discovery. Students are choosing accommodation from, because Student Casa o...

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Avocado con Toast Student Recipe

Avocado con Toast

septiembre 15, 2016
Quick and easy brain FOOD!!! Ingredients 2 pieces of whole grain or sprouted bread 1/2 or 1 ripe avocado (you should easily be able to leave a dent in it when pressing on the skin with your finger) Salt Black pepper (freshly ground if available) Garlic powder Method 1. Toast two pieces of bread. 2. Cut open ripe avocado lengthwise...

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student casa recipes

A taste of Italy, Chorizo And Pasta

septiembre 13, 2016
Fast and cheap all your friends and fellow housemates will love your Italian cooking. Ingredients Chorizo (30g per person) Onion (half onion per person) Garlic (half clove per person) Pasta (60g dried per person) Balsamic vinegar Basil (dried or fresh) Chilli flakes (to taste) Chipotle paste (optional) Chopped tomatoes (half tin pe...

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Welcome to Student Casa, Elche

Welcome to Student Casa

septiembre 13, 2016
Welcome to Student Casa Welcome to a new style of student living. Student accommodation designed especially for you. We are the number one choice for student accommodation in Elche, because we genuinely care about how you want to live. Living in a Student Casa Apartment is not just about the building. It is living in a safe and secure home...

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